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Mickey Gilley

Mickey Gilley Has Been A Branson Attraction For Many Years…

Mickey Glilley2

Mickey Gilley was born in Natchez, Mississippi in 1936 and grew up near Ferriday, Louisiana. He had two famous cousins Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart. Mickey learned to play piano quite early but didn’t get famous until well after his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis. He moved to Houston, Texas and worked construction by day and playing the honky tonks at night.

He recorded his first number in Memphis for Dot Records and continued to play clubs all over the south. He later ended up in Pasadena, Tx. and began performing in the Nesadel Club where he became quite an attraction. In 1971 he opened up the Gilley’s club. His club grew to very large and busy and by mid seventies his hits were in the country charts. Mickey Gilley LogoThe Mickey Gilley Theater in located on 76 country Music Blvd. here in Branson, Missouri. His theater is a state of the art performance center and offers the finest music and comedy anywhere in Branson. He had thirty nine hit songs and seventeen songs went number one on the country charts. He has been entertaining for over 40 years. The Theater is located at3455 West Highway 76Branson, MO 65616+1 417 334 3210

When you visit with him after the show ask him about the two accidents he had flying his twin engine airplane. One was something about leaving his jewelry case on the wing of the airplane when he took off and the other about landing with the landing gear up. I have heard Katie Lynn say she won’t fly with him any more so when they go on the road the cast flies commercial. Mickey GilleyYou can have lunch at the Gilley Texas Cafe before taking in the Joey Riley’s Comedy and Music Revue at 2PM. The Mickey Gilley Show is in the evening at 8PM where you will again see Joey Riley who is an accomplished musician and a very humorous guy. You will also see Katie Lynn and several others plus the band in his legendary show.
Free YouTube Mickey Gilley Video.
Mickey Gilley Website

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Comedy Jamboree

Comedy Jamboree Will Just Crack You UP…

Comedy Jubilee2

Comedy Jamboree is more fun than watching wild turkeys trying to land on a hot tin roof. A rollercoaster of laughs, comedy, music, dance and family fun! This and the Amazing Pets are really great shows for the kids and might even cheer up a crabby Grampa.

Don’t miss this comedy and musical extravaganza! Starring Grand Country’s favorite son, Splinter Middleton; Veteran Branson funny man, Jae McFerron; pianist extraordinaire, Tracy Heaston, and a sizzling cast of singers and dancers, all backed by the best of the best of Branson musicians. This show is a HOT TICKET!

From hilarious comedic routines, which always feature victims…errr… volunteers from the audience, and show stopping musical moments, the Comedy Jamboree is a MUST SEE while visiting Branson! Comedy Jubilee Comedy Jamboree is performed daily at 2:00 p.m., January through December, only at Grand Country Music Hall!

Make Online Reservations Now or Call 1-888-506-6278
Comedy Jamboree at the Grand Country Music Hall.


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Gospel Jubilee

Gospel Jubilee Gets Your
Sunday Off Right….

Gospel Jubilee

Gospel Jubilee will get you Sunday off swell.It’s just not Sunday without the sweet harmonies and hand clapping excitement of some good old Southern Gospel music! When Max Bacon and his talented family, take
the stage to perform all your toe-tapping gospel favorites, from I’ll Fly Away to Turn Your Radio On, it’s sure to be a good time.

Branson legend, Randy Plummer, also joins this wonderful family in bringing inspirational music to life. Now in it’s 19th year, this show
combines wonderful music with good clean laughter and family fun! Before the curtain closes, you’ll find yourself singing along with this wonderful
cast as they lift spirits through song.

This Sunday show is performed every Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm, February through December.

Make Online Reservations Now or Call 1-888-506-6278

The Gospel Jubilee Family also does the Ozark Mountain Jubilee.

Grand Country Old Time Story

Grand Country Music Hall Website

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Grand Jubilee

Grand Jubilee Outstanding Attraction at the Grand Country Music Hall…

Grand Jubilee2

Grand Jubilee is a major attraction at the Grand Country Music hall. From the first downbeat, audiences fall in love with the power harmonies and dynamic performance of Branson’s BEST Quartet, New South! Mark, Scott, Jason & Trey sing today’s country hits as well as quartet classics from the Oak Ridge Boy’s to the Eagles. The high energy and versatility of the entire cast astound audiences. From Country to Gospel and 50’s to modern day, This show explodes with musical fun to satisfy any age.

Comedy is abundant! Branson’s reigning Comedian of the Year, Jamie Haage, as Jim Dandy and Emcee extraordinaire, Mike Patrick, will keep you absolutely doubled over in laughter. Also, Grand Country favorite, the talented Jackie Brown entertains countless fans with her dynamic performance and power vocals. The handsome and energetic Todd Bradshaw also joins this star studded cast to sing his way into the hearts of audience members.

The incredibly talented musicians from the Grand Band are also showcased and given a chance to show their stuff. This GRAND production combines the entertainment sophistication Branson audiences have come to expect, along with “up-close and personal” performances of talented performers, to create an experience which will bring you back time and time again. Grand Jubilee This extravaganza is performed daily at 8:00 p.m., January through December, only at Grand Country Music Hall!

Make Online Reservations Now or Call 1-888-506-6278
Grand Jubilee on the Website of Grand Country.
Free Video Preview of Grand Jubillee.

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Pierce Arrow

Pierce Arrow is said to be the best of Branson.

Pierce Arrow Theater

Some say the Pierce Arrow show is the best in Branson. The guys (sextet) and gals (duet) are really great vocal-eers. There is probably the best lighting and special effects used during this show of any in town. This is a very high energy and energetic group of entertainers. They have great harmony and the bass singer Dan Britton can sing lower than the bottom key on the piano I mean his low notes just come up as a echo from the basement.

Pierce Arrow

There are Gospel and patriotic numbers and the gals mix it all up and make it exciting. Garrett Dougherty as a solo comedy act can be beat. He will just crack you up and make you laugh until your ribs hurt.

You can contact them at 877.687.4241 or 417-336-8742 there shows are at 3 PM and 7:30 PM and the 2 shows are different.3069 Shepherd of the Hills ExpyBranson, MO 65616

Pierce Arrow Website

Pierce Arrow Comedian

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The Hughes Brothers

The Hughes Brothers Kin Really Fill A Stage…


The Hughes Brothers Kin Really Fill Up A Stage. Did you catch my little play on words there. Well keep reading and you will. The Hughes Brothers came to Branson 27 years ago but started performing as singles, duets and all the way up to a Quintet a long time before they came to Branson. They came from Utah and eventually brought the whole family including Dad (Gary) and Mom (Lena) and when they got ready to start up a family Entertainment business they bought the Roy Clark Celebrity Theatre and today it displays one of the finest Marque and Computer Enhanced signs in the business next to the “Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede” sign which I heard costs several million dollars. The first time I came to Branson about 20 years ago Roy Clark was still in that theater.

We know the Hughes Brothers theater quite well because my wife (Marilyn) and I worked with the Delene show in that very theater until her early death. It is kind of funny as I remember we were in the theater early for practice one day and there were kids running all over the place and I asked the fellow we knew from the Ticket Booth and he said they all belong to the Hughes Brothers. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to know the Hughes Brothers and family better. I guess we just thought Delene would live to be 100 and we had years to get better aquainted. We got to know Gary and Lena as they took care of the Fudge counter during our show as well as their own. I knew Marty quite well having met him in the theater and at some homes where we were so graciously invited to parties and I remember Marty told me he had the most kids with 9 at the time and it goes all the way down to none for one couple at that time.

Most of the family members served a term in the missionary field as part of their religious training and they became very aware of world affairs. Here is a little story you don’t see on the other web sites but I don’t think they will mind if I slide it in here. After all I claim to be the “Man on the Street”. When all the boys had moved away from home Gary and Lena (Mom and Dad) got the kind of empty nest feeling so they went out and adopted a group of Russian kids I can’t remember just how many but I got to know one older girl and she spoke great English and she worked in the concession stand some times. I really liked to talk to her because she was always knitting something and I asked her why she was doing that and she said she was going to get married some day and she was expected to be able to do such things.

OK, enough already! first I list the boys and a little about them then the wifes and when you come to the morning show you will get to see all the kids. I think they even home school them because of their busy schedule.

The Hughes Brothers totally produce their own show. Marty earned a music degree with a recording emphasis at Brigham Young University,

Jason is the director and choreographer of the show. His college major was threefold in Music, Dance and Theater.

Among Adam’ s many interests are photography, film, lighting, and graphic design. Having pursued a film major, he oversees lighting design for the show, and is the primary graphic designer for the company.

Ryan plays the bass guitar. His beautiful voice is outstanding on the country ballads, and he brings down the house with his dramatic performance of music from Phantom of the Opera.

Andy, the youngest, jokingly says that his job is simply to look good. His boyish good looks win all the girls’ hearts, from tiny tots to grannies.

The brother’s equally talented wives also perform in the show. Marty’s beautiful wife Cindy sings and dances in the show. Jason actually met his wife Mara when they performed together in a show at a theme park named Lagoon. Ryan’s wife Carina is a classically trained prima ballerina and has danced on stages from San Francisco to New York City. And as Andy’s wife Becky sings and dances alongside Carina, you may notice a certain resemblance between the two. It’s no coincidence; they’re sisters! Adam’s wife Vikki was the last wife to marry into the family. She has a wide range of talents from the stage to scrapbooking. None of the wives are strangers to the stage; most are performance veterans, having sung, danced, and acted throughout their lives.

Now their wives and 24 children are also in the show, delighting audiences as they entertain alongside the brothers. With the largest cast in Branson, they also carry the title of the “World’s Largest Performing Family”.

HughesBrothers2 Do you now see why their Kin can fill a stage with all the family on stage there are about 40 of them and you should see those little ones play the violin and dance. They’re more fun than watching a wild turkey dance on a hot tin roof.

I believe the evening show is just the adults and the morning show they bring in all the kids to help out. Performing is just like school to them.

Hughes Brothers/Six
The Hughes Brothers Website

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Clay Cooper

Clay Cooper and the Country Music Express Now

is Big Time at the old Osmand Theater

Clay Cooper

Many people know Clay Cooper from his outstanding performances as host and male vocalist for several Branson shows including Texas Goldminers, Country Tonite, and Paul Harris Live. In 2005, Clay decided to put together a show of his own. In 2007, Clay found a new home for his show, The Clay Cooper Theatre. Now Clay enjoys another season with his cast of 16 veteran entertainers in his very own venue located at 3216 West 76 Country Boulevard Branson, MO 65616-3544.

Yup that is the address of the old Osmond Theater and Clay Cooper has taken it over and stripped the whole property and completely renovated and remodeled it. It has new parking, new theater sound and furnishings and they tell me that the stage and back stage even got a work over.

Rancher Don’s editorial) Folks this new production is just what Branson needs at this place and time. Well, He really isn’t new to Branson as he has been here for years but he has been in a supporting role or at the little theater across from Wal Mart down in a gulley where you really had to look to even find him. The local folks knew he was there and they also called his show one of the best kept secrets in Branson but it won’t be a secret any more. He is a newer pretty face well known in the Country Music community and with his great talented family and crew he is really going to go big time and help Branson do the same. I hope more newer big name younger talent would see the benefits of not living out of a suit case and settle down here now while the market is dying for new faces in Branson. The money they spend on travel,brokers,rental,security etc. can all be put into real estate in the form of homes and a theater that will continue to increase in value. This life is much better than living on the road and the family life here in Branson is top notch. If you don’t believe me just ask Yakov…

Tina Cooper Oklahoma’s own, Tina Cooper, was born to perform! Tina began dancing at the age of three at her mom’s studio in the garage of their home! Tina continued her training through high school and graduated with a BFA in Music Theatre from the University of Oklahoma. Tina worked at Frontier City and Opryland amusement parks. She worked for Holland America Cruiselines for two years and then headed for Branson, Missouri. Tina has been seen on several Branson stages performing in shows including Country Tonite, Celebrate America, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Dino’s Christmas Spectacular, Red, Hot, and Blue!, and Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express. Tina met Clay when working at Country Tonite and they married in 1999. They had Colt in August, 2003. Tina wants to thank her father, John, for believing in her dreams and in her husband. She would also like to thank her Heavenly Father for the talent she has received.
Cassidy Cassidy Cooper at Fourteen years old is a featured performer for Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express. Cassidy was born in Wylie, Texas and currently resides there with her mother and step-dad, Shelli and Kirk Pryor. She has three half-brothers, Jacob, Colton, and Caden, and she is a GREAT big sis. Cassidy enjoys singing, drill team, softball, basketball, and boys. Cassidy made her debut performance at Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express last summer and will be returning for guest appearances this summer as well. Cassidy is a natural talent and her dad is definitely proud!
Colt Cooper Colt Cooper made his debut performance at 14 months in the Paul Harris Show of 2004. Being a native to Branson and the son of entertainers, Colt felt at home on stage and continued performing in 2005 with Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express as well as special guest appearances in Paul Harris Live. Colt enjoys playing instruments including the drums, harmonic, recorder, and the guitar. Colt’s hobbies include playing football, soccer, Wii games, and his Nintendo DS. He enjoys having the neighborhood friends over for a game of cops and robbers, twister, Uno, and “Kid Jam Sessions.” There’s never a dull moment in the Cooper house! He enjoys watching Power Rangers, Aaron Stone, and Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Colt has two pugs, Hank Jr. and Patsy Cline. He also has a turtle, Raphael, and a fish, Killer.

Folks that is not where this show ends. NO Way with 16 members in the cast and all the music and dancing talent in the family one can only imagine what kind of show they can product. Comedy is always popular in Branson and plenty of music and dancing.

Clay Cooper link on the Entertainment Page

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The Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Wax Museum has all you Favorite Charactors…

The Hollywood Wax Museum is full of all your favorite people.What started in the Star Capitol of the World (Hollywood, Ca.) has spread across the country like a plague and Branson is privileged to have one of the famous museums here for your pleasure.

What began as a family business has blossomed into a world famous entertainment company, Kuvera Attractions. Entrepreneur Spoony Singh built the attraction with the vision of bringing people close to their favorite stars. More than 40 years later, the Hollywood Boulevard attraction is the longest running wax museum in the nation and has expanded into other cities across the United States.

You can take it in at 3030 W Highway 76Branson, MO 65616(417) 337-8277

How to make a wax charactor.
Hollywood Wax Museum Website.

Inspriation Tower

Inspriation Tower is a Major part of the Shepherd of the Hills Attraction…

Inspiration Tower

Visible from all directions, the Inspiration Tower at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead reaches high into the sky above the Ozark mountains giving visitors a birds-eye view of the area. The tower was built in 1989 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of author Harold Bell Wright’s first Branson Missouri’s Inspiration Tower visit to the Ozarks. As part of the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead, the tower draws visitors from around the world who have read the timeless tale of love and betrayal written by Wright.

The tower sits where Wright first placed his tent when he visited the region and where he first penned the words of his famous novel, “The Shepherd of the Hills.” First published in 1907, the novel is still in print and countless copies are sold each year. The Homestead, one of Branson’s major attractions, allows visitors a look at an authentic log cabin that was described in the novel and more.

Inspiration Tower soars to a height of 230 feet above the ground. The circular glassed in observation deck at the top is reached by glass elevators that provide a dazzling, swift view of the country as it ascends. In air conditioned comfort, viewers can look in all directions from the top. There is over 4,400 square feet of glass and that alone would cover 1/3 of a football field. The tower weighs 3 million pounds and cost aprx. $1.5 million to build. It contains 92,000 pounds of structural steel and can withstand a constant wind of 172 miles per hour or gusts of up to 224 miles per hour. It took a convoy of 43 concrete trucks to fill the foundation which contains 5 miles or rebar weighing 34.5 tons. Telescopes are available for a closer look but many sites are visible without any aid. Theme park Silver Dollar City can be seen in a notch on a neighboring mountainside. The famous Branson Strip, home to music theaters and other attractions, can be seen as well. Nearby Springfield, Missouri can be seen as can the Forsthye water tower and neighboring Arkansas. On a clear day, it’s possible to see 90 miles in any direction. Inspiration Tower sits on the second highest peak in Missouri. There are carved statues of six of the main characters at the tower site plus the old Morgan Community Church was brought in and restored in 1991.

Stairs lead a few stories down to an open air observation deck that provides another view. Visitors are literally higher than the birds from either deck – birds can be seen sailing through the air and riding air currents below the decks. Tickets are available just for the tower however they come free with the tour package of the entire Shepherd of the hill homestead and near by village. On the tour you will see Old Matts cabin of which the story is written about plus the homestead entire, Old Matt’s grist Mill, Old Mill Theater, Jenning’s Still and more so don’t miss a trip to Shepherd of the hills.

5586 W. 76 Country BlvdBranson, MO 65616(800)
Inspiration Tower is a major part of the shepherd of the Hills Attraction.

Branson Airport

NEW Branson Airport Opens May 2009…

Branson Airport Before

Wow! Branson Airport opens in May of 2009. It doesn’t seem possible that the airport is almost ready to open. It seems like construction just started and it all began in July of 2007. Planning began a long time before that because the land, 8,000 acres which was a farm owned by Tennessee Ernie Ford, was purchased by Glen Patch in 1990 and was used in part by his Branson Creek complex which is golf courses and resort/lodging facilities.

The construction of the airport which involved the flattening of several Ozark Mountains is claimed to be the largest earthmoving project in Missouri history and you can see the entire project from beginning to end on their construction camera by clicking on this link. They claim it is the first privately owned for-profit commercial airport in the United States. The City of Branson will pay $8.24 to Branson Airport LLC for each arriving visitor with an annual cap of $2 Million. That doesn’t sound too private to me. About 37 million were private funds and the rest 117 million was from the issuing of bonds. It is said to have a Estimated cost 155 Million dollars.

To build a long straight level runway in a mountain area was a real engineering challenge. They had to knock the top off at least 3 mountains and fill in between with the material. The largest mining equipment in the country was called in for this task. From the start in July 2007 and May of 2008 11 million Cubic Yards of material was blasted and moved. Branson Airport AirfieldThe Runway is 7,140 feet long and 150 feet wide. Plus the taxi lane and ramp area. They also had to build about 2.5 miles of road and 2 bridges about 80 feet high over canyons on the access road. The terminal is 58,000 square feet and can handle 1.4 million passengers a year. They also constructed a free standing Traffic Control Tower. The developer plans on construction of an 8,000-seat arena and 15,000-seat amphitheater near the airport and a hotel is planned by another developer a Mr. Hammons who built the St. Louis and Springfield Cardinal baseball stadiums.

There are 2 airlines so far committed to fly out of the new Branson Airport the first being Trans Air with flights planned to Atlanta and possibly Milwaukee and the other Sun Country with flights to Minneapolis and possibly Dallas. This new Transportation venue will really make it much easier to fly into Branson. Branson Airport Terminal It appears Grayline will provide all surface transportation at the Branson Airport. There will be shuttle bus, cabs, car rental and limo.

The Springfield-Branson Airport just 40 miles north is also building a new terminal building. Wow that is sure a lot of money being spent by two cities that close together to compete with each other.

It will be interesting how it comes out especially being I worked with a Major Airline for 25 years in traffic and sales and I know something about the business. I think it will all depend how well the Branson Convention Center books it’s conventions as folks will be more willing to fly in for a short stay if they can land within minutes of hotel and convention facilities that are all close so they don’t have to have ground transportation. Branson Airport Terminal2 Branson Airport and Transportation System.