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The Dixie Stampede


The Dixie Stampede is a Great Equestrian/Dinner Show…

Dixie Stampede

The Dixie Stampede show is probably one of the best shows in Branson if your interested in Equestrian events. This show comes complete with a 4 course dinner served right in your arena seat but before that pardner there is other good stuff to see and do. Dolly Parton had 3 of these Dixie Stampedes one in Myrtle Beach SC. one in Pigeon Forge Tn.and the one we think is the newest, biggest and the best right here in Branson, Mo.

This production is a Joint Venture with Dolly and the Herschend family that owns and operates Silver Dollar City , Ride the Ducks, The Branson Bell Showboat, The Wilderness, White Water, Roaring Rocks, Plus camping and Rv Parks. This show has been here in town for several years and comes to you from one of the most attractive venues possible. It starts out with it’s huge 35,000 sq. ft. arena surrounded by a beautiful brick facade holding all the outdoor horse and livestock stalls and indoor office and back stage areas. Horses I would recommend you buy your tickets ahead of time and possibly get a package deal with the other shows and attractions they have. Then I would come about one and a half hours early. If you are able you can walk around the entire horse and livestock boarding stalls and look at all the beautiful animals. Then 50 before show time they have an area they call the Carriage Room Opening Act where you will see some pre show entertainment before being ushered into the huge arena. I don’t remember if you select your seat before or if you just take what they give you when you are ushered in. But in aether case you will probably get seats right on the 50 yard line OH that is for football but here it is the center of the arena which is a long oval. There is actually not a bad seat in the house as there is two levels of seating and each row is elevated way above the row in front. cows When everyone is seated you will be served popcorn and beverages in a souvenir mug. I won’t tell you about the show so it won’t ruin it for you but it is one high energy wild west ride threw time. You will hear great music and animal acts as well as all the horseback riding events. You will possibly see horses, pigs, ostrich, longhorn cattle, camel & buffalo. You will see feats of balance and daring as well of plenty of great stuff for the kids and also several patriotic events. The meal is served in 4 courses so you can eat a little at a time as you watch the show and you will see plenty of both. Grub and Show that is.

camels The location and contact information.1525 W Highway 76Branson, MO 65616(417) 337-94001-800-520-5544

Dixie Stampede Website

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SIX (the Knudsen Brothers

SIX (the Knudsen Brothers) Make it Happen in Branson…


Six (aka The Knudsen Brothers) have thrilled audiences from Asia to Europe and now the USA. This is REALTY SUMTIN PARDNER. You just won’t believe what you are hearing as you settle into your seat to see this show. You talk about keeping your eye on overhead cost. The Six brothers are real brothers but would you beliver they are only six of 10 brothers and no sisters. Ok that is unbelievable, right, but listen up pardner because you won’t see any band on stage or one hiding in the wings either. These six guys make all the music, rhythm, beat and lyrics all with their own mouths. Yup they do it all folks. These SIX can sound like 60 and thats no bull.

Six3 These guys have power, rthym, and umph to really keep your toes tappin and head bobbin. You can even come at 6:30PM and have dinner before the 8PM show. It all takes place at the
Hughes Brothers Theater.

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The Baldknobbers

The Baldknobbers was the First Show in Branson…


The Baldknobbers were the first show in Branson. The Ozark Jamboree, Branson’s first country music and comedy show, started a tradition that goes back to 1959 when brothers Bill, Jim, Lyle and Bob Mabe began entertaining visitors in downtown Branson on the Taneycomo lakefront. Advertising consisted of Katie and Joyce (wives of Bill and Jim) donning country dresses and walking around Branson’s small downtown area with signs announcing the show.

Named after an Ozarks vigilante group from the 1880s and performing with washtub bass, banjo and dobro, plus an old washboard and the jawbone of a mule for rhythm, The show was an immediate hit with fishermen and tourists to the Branson lakes area.

Outgrowing the original location, the Mabes moved their show into an old skating rink, converting it into Branson’s first live entertainment theatre. Expanding again, The Baldknobbers Jamboree Theatre was built on 76 Country Boulevard in 1968. Now the oldest show in Branson seats 1,500, Branson’s fame as America’s live entertainment capital is worldwide, and This show started it all!

Baldknobbers Wow The above History came from their web site and a beautiful and quality site it is. Just to think back when the Ozark Jubilee moved from Springfield to the basement of the Branson City Hall where they had to put the stage and all the chairs away after every show at night so the City Hall could function during the day. Then they moved into the old remodeled skating rink and then into the new theater they are now in. They were not the first show on the strip as the Presleys started on the strip while the Ozark Jubilee were still in downtown (OLD) Branson. This family has just lived through a couple of hard years as some of the show stars have passed away and being the show is so family oriented it was tough to fill in those missing spots that were so firmly set. The family will always see those spots with the original members in them even though others have stepped up to fill the vacancies.The Mabe family is really some kind of Branson Live Show Pioneers and you can’t help but love everyone of them.

Baldknobbers They really have it all with the theater, restaurant, motor inn and gift shop you can really “Get ur dun”They are located at 2835 West 76 country Blvd. Branson, Missouri417-334-4528

You can click on the Baldknobbers link here Baldknobbers and download a free brochure.
The Baldknobbers Website


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Doug Gabriel

The Doug Gabriel Show is Top Entertainment…

Doug Gabriel

Doug Gabriel has been performing in Branson for 22 years and 14 of those on his own show. He probably has the leading variety family morning show in Branson and it is at 10AM. He took the award of the “Best Morning Show” for the years 1997-98-99-2001-03-06 and was acknowledged as “Branson’s Entertainer of the Year” in 2000 and “Male Vocalist of the Year” seven times.

He is not only a Multi talented entertainer with his high degree of proficiency with the guitar but he is also a wonderful singer/songwriter, Piano and even on his mufftar. Doug was inducted into the Branson’s Hall of Fame after winning “Best Male Vocalist” five of the last six years.

Now don’t get the idea that this is a one man show because his whole family get into the act. He and Cheryl have been married for over 25 years and have 3 children who all get into the act. There are lots of other great entertainers that join in for the show to make it that great award winning morning show.

He comes to the stage with great hits from Elvis, Jim Reeves and more and they also do great Gospel classics.

No Branson show is complete without a heart felt tribute to all the Veterans.

Doug Mufftar What is a mufftar you ask? Well Doug’s Dad made a actual working guitar for him and his brother out of old car mufflers. His was a 1969 Thunderbird muffler and his brothers was a 1972 Buick. Doug’s Dad had a muffler shop so it was material on hand so why not, right? Doug will play a very difficult musical arrangement on his original mufftar live on your show. You are going to go and see his morning show aren’t you? Doug is now playing at Music City Centre 417-337-8300.

Doug Garbiel (free comcast on him)
Doug Gabriel Website


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The Haygoods

The Haygoods Now at their New Haygood Americana Theater…


Wow, The Haygoods are really investing in Branson with their own Theater. They are remodeling the Americana theater to the tune of a million bucks to make it a state of the art interactive showcase for their fine talent.

These kids thrilled millions of folks at Silver Dollar City before going with their own show. They have been in Branson for 18 years now and when you look at their pictures they don’t even look that old. they are from 13-29 and there is 7 brothers and one sister. They play over 20 instruments and add great vocals, dance and antics.

They have played to over 4 million people at 10,000 shows in 18 years and this year they aren’t just quitting with a new theater but they will be starting their own TV live show. They were awarded Best Show of 2007 by the Branson Critic Awards. They don’t take the winter off either because they book shows on Cruise Ships and Concerts all over the country. HaygoodsTimothy, Patrick, Dominic, Shawn, Michael, Mathew, Aaron and Catherine they have sold well over 100,000 DVD’s and 250,000 Albums. There are quite a few family shows in Branson in fact there are more family shows here than anywhere in the country including Las Vegas. These kids will just knock your socks off folks and have you rolling in the aisles. Their shows are often Sold Out so plan your trip and book to be sure you see the Haygoods.

The New Americana Theatre 2905 W Hwy 76Branson, MO 65616

PHONE 417-339-4663FAX 417-336-1333 See the Haygoods at their new Theater.


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The New Shanghai Circus

The New Shanghai Circus is a Great Acrobatic Event…

Shanghai Circus Theater

The New Shanghai Circus was first presented in Branson on May 12, 1998 and played in a small theater on the edge of the city. Today they have a new beautiful theater located at 645 State Highway 165 in Branson, Mo.877-21-CHINA or 417-336-8888 to order your tickets Director of Sales: Traci Stilwell 1-877-212-4462

Here is a press Release from the first time they did their show here in Branson.

In our first year in Branson, we did shows in the morning at a small theatre located on the edge of the city. We announced the opening of Acrobats of China show on May 11, 1998 and did our very first show on May 12. There were only 15 people in the audience when the show started. In the following weeks the attendance stayed with only dozens. When summer came, the number of audience members started to build up, sometimes it reached up to 50 or 60. There was one day that the number exceeded 100. All of the acrobats on backstage leapt with joy as the goal of our first year’s effort is getting 100 in the attendance. However, they found out later that it was an “area appreciation” show, a show presented to local people for free as a way to express the show’s appreciation to the community. Our show was recognized as part of Branson after the area appreciation. Meanwhile the attendance number began to increase after the busy season hit Branson.

Shanghai Circus In the fall of 1998, our show moved to the Remington Theatre on the main street, when a new favorite turn started. In those days, I had another surprising discovery in Branson: the lake surrounding Branson looked like a Chinese dragon! When I realized that I was suddenly filled with energy. I could even imagine the picture that the 3,000 years old Chinese acrobatics would sweep and awe the audience just like the rushing river!

On November 24, a representative of the well-known Hall family of Branson appeared at the Remington Theatre. The Halls are famous as bankers. They operated entertainment business as a sideline. Soon after, the acrobats were ready to move to the Wayne Newton Theatre, which was one of the theatres owned by the Halls and named after the great singer.

The Acrobats of China decided to host local residents a special “appreciation show of the year” on July 10, 1999. We specifically decorated the lobby of the theatre for the event. The over 10,000 square feet lobby was filled with lanterns, colored ribbons and joyfulness. A traditional Chinese style gateway was set up in the lobby, furnished by a huge banner with New Shanghai Circus picture and more than ten bright red lanterns. Local VIPs were invited to a reception with hors d’oeuvres and refreshments, and a full-length show which followed. The Cultural Consul of the Chinese Consulate in Chicago arrived in time, after ten hours of driving. Mr. Schafer, the mayor of the city of Branson, gave a gracious speech before the show started. At the end of his speech, Mr. Mayor presented a Key to the city of Branson to me as the highest honor from the Mayor, and I gave him, in return, an out-of-edition silk woven world map. The precious moment won prolonged applause.

Early in June, 2000, we received a letter from the PBS (Public Broadcast Station) inviting the “Incredible Acrobats of China” show of the New Shanghai Circus to its broadcasting network. The news immediately spread out and Branson was shocked.

There came the recording night. On the evening of July 14, 2000, all the 2,400 seats were sold out. Nearly ten cameras were moving in the auditorium. Mr. Randy Fivasch, President of Branson Chamber of Commerce, gave a speech as a representative of Branson and presented flowers to all of the acrobats. Mr. Schafer, Mayor of Branson, was once again sitting in the audience with his wife and watching the whole ceremony.

Being broadcast on PBS is really a big event to Americans. It is even more important than performing on Broadway. It is for sure that “The Acrobats of China” would become popular in the North America, and gain both fame and fortune through the airing on PBS.

Here is a list of awards that we have obtained, just to mention a few:

In 1999, we were rewarded the highest honor of Branson: the Best Non-musical Performance of the Year.

In 2000, the Acrobats of China show was nominated one of the four best shows in Branson.

In 2001, we were rewarded the Small Business of the Year by Branson Chamber of Commerce.

On September 17, 2002, I was awarded Honorable Doctorate by the William Woods University.

That is not all. Although exploring the market is our first priority, we also have the passion to enhance our artistic creativity. Our performers in Branson have also won medals, one after another, both in American and international competitions.

Shanghai Circus So after getting off to a slow start which was understandable in as much as we were reluctant to let anyone into the USA from Communist countries. Now they continue from their new theater and are doing very well. There location and phone numbers are above.

The New Shanghai Circus website

A Free Preview Video of The New Shanghai Circus.



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The Amazing Pets

The Amazing Pets are at the Grand Country Music Hall…

Amazing Pets

The Amazing Pets is what the title indicates. Not only are the pets outstanding but the folks that tend to them really make the show what it is. Sean Paul and his wife Juliane have really got their hands full trying to control the “Son” Frankie the Monkey. This little guy will truly amaze you with its control and intelligence. Sean Paul also slips in a few of his magic acts into the show. This trio not only does a split season at the Grand Country Music Hall but also do private shows for companies and cruise ships.

The Amazing Pets show also has a couple from Russia that have trained dogs and house cats to do incredible acts of daring and balance. They completely trust their trainers to support them while they go through their routine.

They have exotic birds and doves trained to do all kinds of tricks. When things just don’t go as planned there is always plenty of time for laughter. Frankie is so funny you can’t help but laugh even when he isn’t trying to be funny. When his parents tell you what it is like to be living with a wild monkey loose in the house you just won’t believe it so they will show you video to prove it. Amazing Pets This show is one of the best if not the very best Children show in Branson. And when you see one show at the Grand Country Music Hall you get reduced tickets at all the other great shows there. My wife and I have had season passes to the Grand Country Music Hall for several years not only because we can use them for all the great shows there but they also stay open during the off season when we are always here.

Call the Grand Country Box Office for show times and reservations(1-888-506-6278 or 417-335-2484).

Ask about the incredibleFamily Pass for great savings!!!


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The Ozark Mountain Jubilee

The Ozark Mountain Jubilee is True Ozark Mountain Fun.

Ozark Mountain Jubilee

When the sun goes down, the fun is just beginning on the Ozark Mountain Jubilee. Featuring Branson favorites, the Max Bacon Family, this show celebrates country classics of yesteryear combined with today’s hot, country hits!

You’ll explode with laughter with the zany antics of Branson pianist and showman extraordinaire, Mike Patrick. Enjoy an evening with talented folks who love making the audience an extension of the family. Combining great music with wholesome comedy, this show is undeniably FUN!!!!

The Jubilee is performed every Sunday evening at 7:00pm, February through December.

Grand Country Square – 1945 W. Hwy. 76 – Branson MO 656161-888-514-1088 (toll free)

Grand Country Old Time Story.
The Same Family Also Does the Gospel Jubilee
Ozark Mountain Jubilee at Grand Country Website


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Branson Country USA

Branson Country USA Live Late Friday Night Radio Taping.

Branson Country USA

Branson Country USA is really a great late Friday attraction. Join us for our Friday night 11 PM show!

The show is co-hosted by Grand Country nuts, Jamie Haage, as Jim Dandy, and Mike Patrick! With a rotating roster of talent, the show features special guest stars from the rich Branson entertainment industry. From celebrities such as Mickey Gilley and Roy Clark to the up and coming stars of tomorrow, the weekly line-up is always a hit!

Audiences also enjoy the incredible voice of Jackie Brown and the power harmonies of New South, both weekly regulars on the show. The entire show is backed by the dynamic Grand Band.

The show is also broadcast LIVE on the Ozarks home for Classic Country, Bass Country Radio Station, KOMG – 92.9 FM, in Springfield. Be a part of the studio audience! When the red “ON AIR” light comes on, it’s sure to be a GRAND time! Branson Countlry USA Branson Country USA is performed every Friday night at 11:00 p.m., year-round, only at Grand Country Music Hall.

Make Online Reservations Now or Call 1-888-506-6278 or 417-334-2484 Folks here’s a really great Friday evening show plan suggested by myself (Rancher Don). First take in the Grand Jubilee at 8PM, don’t forget to buy a Souvenir booklet at the first brake as it has pictures and articles of all the cast members and is really a great bargain, and use it to put all your cast autographs on after the show. Then take your time and visit with all the cast members after the show and be sure to take some pictures then check out the Videos, Pictures, Souvenir Booklet and Tapes at the show stand then mozie over to the ticket booth and present your Grand Jubilee ticket stub for a great discount on the Branson Country USA ticket and take in the 11PM show for and hour. This show is really a hoot as the cast is really taking down their hair and letting it all hang out with jokes and tons of laughter and antics. You will really get a blast to see how they make the sound effects of a hundred clog dancers all on stage at the same time. You are the audience for the Live Radio taping that is broadcast each week at Bass Country Radio out of Springfield, MO. (hint)Ask Mike for a card with instructions on how to tune in the radio show on your computer from home.

Click on the Bass Country Graphic and you will be able to listen in on the great Country Sound live on your computer. (It takes a few seconds to load) Bass Country Radio

Sorry folks I got a little carried away on making this page for an hour show but believe me it is really a hoot and a great bargain…

Branson Country USA on the Grand Country Website.

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The Brett Family

The Brett Family is Truely a Multi Talented Group

Brett Family

There are Several great family groups here in Branson but they all have a very distinct sight and sound. The last time Marilyn and I saw the Brett Family the Daughter Andrea was away working at a Church Mission and even short handed they were terrific.

Cutting edge family entertainment – The Brett Family Show is a crisp and polished two-hour production featuring incredible musical variety for all ages. The show integrates covers from all genres, all eras, and all artists, as well as some first-class original music that is winning fans all over the world. Each member of The Brett Family is dynamic enough to carry his or her own solo show, but when they come together onstage, the harmony and power of the group creates a totally unique and captivating experience.


Brett Family The Brett Family Christmas Show features different content than the regular season show. You will enjoy Christmas standards, hymns, contemporary Christmas music, as well as non-seasonal favorites from the regular season show. Both The Brett Family’s Christmas show and the regular season show have enjoyed extended syndication on international television, in addition to being seen in person by thousands all around the world.

The Brett Family is constantly changing, innovating, and adding new material to their show offerings. If you like having fun, being entertained, and feeling inspired, then you will love The Brett Family Show. It is such phenomenal entertainment, you can’t afford to miss it. Brett Family

The Brett FamilyDick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater1600 West Hwy. 76Branson, MO 656161-877-252-7388417-336-4222

Brett Family Free Video Clip.

Branson Show Information at this link.
This Entertainment Link has even more show information

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