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The Dixie Stampede Reveals “New Adventure” for 2016

Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede is really getting a new face lift. This is the first time since it was established in 1995 that it is being remodeled. The biggest feature being installed is a stone wall that has a dazzling new LED state-of-the-art light show. It has thousands of lights along with new lighting systems plus a new sound system.

Along with the new additions to the show it will still feature the 4 course meal served during the show. Here is just a few facts about the show.

  • There are 32 horses in the show
  • The horses prance around in a field of 200 tons of white sand trucked in form South Caroline each year.
  • Twenty yards of lace and ribbon go into making each Stampede Southern Belle Costume.
  • The Conestoga wagons are 25’8″ long and 9′ high and are pulled by large Belgian Draft Horses weighing aprx. 2,000 pounds each.
  • There are about 50 white Doves raised on site that take to wing during the grand finale.
  • The horses alone eat 104,000 pounds of oats each season plus 3,000 bales of hay eaten and another 13,200 bales of bedding hay or straw plus 528,000 pounds of pine mulch.

Now the show varies from year to year and season to season but you probably could see pigs, camel, buffalo, ostrich, mule and more.

The show includes many featured trick horse riders and lots of fun for all in attendance.

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What’s New & Coming To Branson

It has been announced that as we speak a famous Ferris Wheel is being dismantled in Chicago and will soon be moving to Branson. It is so big and exciting that Branson City Council had to approve it’s height of 150 feet. This Ferris Wheel was designed after  a 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

It has 40 gondolas that each hold each holding 6 passengers for a total of 240 passengers and it is iluminated by 16,000 lights.

Now I can almost hear you saying it is just another thing going up at Silver Dollar City but you would be wrong. This Ferris Wheel will be going up in a smaller park called The Track Family Fun Park located at 3345 Hwy. 76 across from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

It is a $2.5 million Dollar investment as part of the company’s 35th anniversary.

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Branson Spring How Do You Know?

You know it is almost spring in Branson Missouri when the Hot Winter Fun extravaganza  is being held. On February the first the twenty second Hot Winter Fun was held at the Dick Clark Theater.

We were in attendance placed in row 7 center with just about a full house. Hot Winter Fun is a show where just about all the shows that have personal in town and available show off their newly planned spring of 2016 show. Each show is given time to perform two or three numbers or acts.

We feel this event gives all in attendance a chance to see a little of each show and then they can make a decision as to whether or not they want to go to the show and see the entire event.

The co-emcee was Terry Wayne and Bucky Heard

This year the following shows were represented.

  • Grand Jubilee
  • Paul Eve as Johnny Cash Tribute
  • Dino
  • It
  • Sons of Britches
  • Six
  • Paul Harris
  • Ray Charles and Company Tribute
  • The Blackwood Singers
  • AYO
  • Tribute to Marty Robbins by Leroy New
  • Comedy Jamboree
  • The Petersons
  • The Best of Neil Sedaka by Captain and Tennile and the Carpenters
  • George Jones Remembered
  • Illusionist Rick Thomas
  • Jason Pritchett and the Steel Horse

The show lasted about three hours and a good time was had by all.


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