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The Liverpool Legends From Mexico City Carnegie Hall To Branson

The Liverpool Legends Mexico tour ends after playing to crowds like 17,000 in Mexico City. From Mexico City they played at Carnegie Hall from the same stage the original Beatles played in 1964. That concert must have been a very moving experience. Having played this year at the Rose Bowl Parade for the third time then a stop at Busch Stadium in St. Louis they now are performing in Branson Missouri at the Caravelle Theater.


Wow, I was just thinking about the original Beatles when the world held it’s breath when they walked on stage to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. I remember that show and I remember my mixed reaction to the type of entertainment they provided. At the time I really had not made my mind up if I liked the Beatles sound or not. I guess it justs takes time to learn to like the English Accent and the beat of their music.

For those of us that were teen agers at that time I’m sure seeing the Liverpool Legends impersonate the Beatles will really bring back memories.  Branson is really fortunate to have them  playing at the Caravelle theater this season. After all the cool places they have performed they are really ready to give the Branson fans a very exciting concert at low Branson Missouri show prices.

Louis Harrison was the sister of Beatle George Harrison and travels with the Liverpool Legends as spoke person and MC. Marty Scott plays George Harrison and Kevin Mantegna as Ringo Star and Bob Beahon as Paul McCartney with Bob Dobro playing the keyboard.

Branson is really the birth place of the Liverpool Legends as they formed up there and they are really happy to be returning to Branson for their eleventh season. They say they really call Branson home and several have bought homes in town and they are proud to call Branson Missouri home.

I can’t emphasize enough that when you are in Branson you should take in as many of these remembered type shows like the Liverpool Legends, The Lettermen, Marty Robbins, George Strait, George Jones, Buck Trent, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty, Jerry Presley and the Legends in Concert. Even the Osmonds still play here from time to time and you know that these shows may be discontinued at any time.

The Liverpool Legends play at the Caravelle Theater Tues, thru Sat. at 8PM. They can be reached at 417-334-5100