Sons Of The Pioneers

Sons Of The Pioneers Sing The True Western Way…

This great western musical group that stood behind one the most famous “Singing Cowboy’ his name probably isn’t that well know but it was Leonard Slye AKA ” Roy Rogers “. The original group was Bob Nolan, Hugn Farr, Karl Farr and Tim Spencer. Roy Rogers and the Western Music that he played on his many movies went down in history and was played over the radio for decades. Bob and Tim wrote much of the original music and those tunes and many more can still be heard here in Branson, Missouri.

This legendary group of western musicians are on the Smithsonian Institure list of National Treasures and they have over 3,000 compositions and are inducted into the Western Music Association National Cowboy and Singing Cowboy Halls of Fame and are recorded as the longest continuous performing group of all time.

They can now he seen at their Dinner/Music show at the Shepherd of the Hills Sons of the Pioneers3 Pavilion Theater in Branson.

Sons Of The Pioneers – Country Legends is a CD Album available by RCA and features these songs along with others.Cool Water, Room Full of Roses, Baby Doll, Cigareetes whusky and Wild Wild Women, Riders in the Sky, Teardrops in my Heart, Wind, Tumbling tumbleweeds, Pins and Needles, Grievin my Heart out for you, Blue Shadows on the Train (With Roy Rogers, Old Man Atom, Diesel Smoke, (Don’t Your Conscience Ever Bother You) Hang Your Head in Shame, South in my Soul (Farr Brothers) and Farr-away Blues (The Farr Brothers. Sons of the Pioneers/Roy Rogers Sons of the Pioneers Website


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