Lodging in the Branson Missouri Area…

Branson landing Hilton Promenade


Lodging in Branson is really all about hanging a roof over your head. On our Branson lodging/housing we will treat them separately as they are so huge. When I was working as a Canoe Guide in the Minnesota/Canada border water wilderness area we never had more that a tent over our head. If you want to read about a Moose hunting trip I was on in the Border Waters Wilderness Area it is located at the page bottom. On this page we have to cover all types of short stay lodging so we will try to divide it into a few sections. These are only a small portion of facilities listed.

We will cover RV/tent camping, motel, travel lodge, Resort lodge, hotel, rental time share and condo’s, cabins (log) and bed and breakfasts. Branson isn’t a very big town would you care to guess the full time population. Would you say 20,000-15,000-10,000 or how about 8,500 yup that is all? About of the regular residents are seniors and many of them work in the different seasonable facilities. You can add another 1,500 for adjoining villages. I believe there is more short time lodging space here than full time residents. About half of the regular residents are seniors and many of them work in the different seasonable facilities.

There is a huge shortage for domestic type of help and they are being shipped in from all over the US and many from Europe. Here are some figures my wife collected from various sources. 7,000,000 visitors per year. 5% arrive by RV 350,000 arrive by motor coach. 9 of 10 come by personal vehicle. the average stay in Branson is 3.9 days. The average visitor sees about 4 shows per visit. I know a Guy and his Wife that drive down here every weekend all the way from Illinois and they call him Abraham Lincoln because he looks and dresses just like him. He goes to the shows and even takes part in one or two.

These figures are from 2006. There are 37 RV/Camp grounds listed in the phone book in the Branson area. There are 193 Motels/Travel Lodges listed. 6 rental cabin facilities. There are 152 Lodges listed and I am sure most of the Log Cabins in Branson Missouri are located at the Lodges. Many of these cabins are Log Cabins and I even know some located on golf courses.

These facilities listed are within about and hour or less drive to Branson. Some of the listings are in more that one category so there should be less than the total in this Branson Lodging category. There are about 10 larger Hotels in Branson.

Only 4 listings for condo listings but I’m sure there must be rentals in at least 20 more. We can’t list every short term Lodging facility on a separate page or we would have hundreds of pages. I will try to list most of the larger lodging facilities below and you can go to their pages and check them out. I hope to also get a general Lodging hot line number you could call with questions.

There is getting to be more rooms here in Branson than travelers to fill them so there is usually family vacation rooms available even on short notice.


Lakefront Lodges and Resorts __________________________________________________________

Big Cedar Lodge and Resort  


Hotels _____________________________________________________________

The Keeter Center at the College of the Ozarks 417-239-1900
Radisson Hotel Branson 866-904-5880
Grand Plaza 417-336-6646
Chateau on the Lake Resort and SPA 888-333-lake Clarion Hotel 800-725-2237
Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing 417-336-5500

Motor Inns and Lodges 


Fall Creek 417-348-1683 or 800-393-0474
AmazINN and Suites 417-334-2300
Holiday Inn Express 417-336-2100 or 800-321-7275
Orange Blossom Inn 417-336-6600 or 800-sleep11 Economy Plus Motel 417-334-8890
Branson Inn 417-334-5121 All American Inn and Suites 417-334-2800 Victorian Inn 417-339-9100 or 800-878-9526


Super 8 417-334-8880 Branson Family Inn 417-334-2113
Windsor Inn 800-782-8144
Melody Lane Inn 417-334-8598 or 800-338-8598
Comfort Inn and Suites 417-335-4731 Motel 6 417-336-6088
Best Western 417-338-2141


Bed and Breakfast

Gaines Bed and Breakfast 417-334-2280
Aunt Sadie’s Garden Glade 417-335-4063
Bradford House 417-334-4444
Fall Creek Ben and Breakfast 417-334-3939
Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast 417-334-5900
Emory Creek Victorian Bed and Breakfast 417-334-3805 _____________________________________________________________

Condo and Time Share rentals


Point Royale Vacation Rentals 417-334-5614
Peppertree at Thousand Hills 800-396-6895


RV/Camping Grounds

City of Branson Lakeside RV Park 417-334-2915
Silver Dollar City Campground 417-338-8189
Gerth Campground and Camper Park 417-334-5849
Carson’s RV Court 417-334-3084
Branson Musicland Kampground 417-334-0848
Branson View Campground Lane 417-338-8716
Branson Shenanigans RV Park and Campground 417-334-1920


Branson Chamber of Commerce & Convention Bureau 
Lodging Added Information Located in Housing section.

If you ever have an opportunity to plan a convention I would suggest a convenient spot such as the Hilton Hotel and take them up the strip to see all the Entertainment located there. Maybe the vendor of transportation (Greyline) from the airport could make a run up the strip after each flight arrival. I would rather see that than having the convention planners book one or two shows to come to the conventions for a performance as it would spread the wealth better for all the shows and shopping centers. I would like to see the shows offer reduced price packages or largely reduced coupons to either be included in the price of the convention or made available to be purchased at the conventions. This would be a selling point for the conventions and bring revenue to the strip businesses that they wouldn’t get otherwise if the visitors had not come to town for just the convention. Recheck the Entertainment Two page for all Branson Show details. Here are some links to further great Branson Missouri Show information.