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Our vacation plans as well as our daily lives are effected by our Environment and the Weather. These conditions can be just our comfort values or in the extreme our safety. Here are some of our statistics.

36.65°N 93.27°W (Elev. 872 ft) City Branson Airport Lat: 36.53 Lon: -93.2 Elev: 1303

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In that report you will see how the South West Corner of Missouri is elevated onto a low altitude Ozark Mountain Plain. We here in Branson are quite centrally located in the United States and our weather is influenced by what comes across the larger land mass. Our predominant wind is from the West. Our colder weather comes from the North West and our storms come from the South West along with the precipitation which comes from the Gulf of Mexico. My Realtor told me that Branson is somewhat blessed in that the storms seem to divide coming across that high plain to our South West and the severe weather seems to either go to our South or North. He believes our high mountain ridges and low valleys cause the severe tornadoes to go around us. They come across Texas and Oklahoma and seem be be funneled around the city of Branson hidden in a valley surrounded by large bodies of water (lakes). To our South is the little community of Mountain Home and it seems whenever a storm comes through they get hit and it seems they are located on a high elevation with few deep valleys close by. Most of the severe tornadoes seem to have passed us on the north and many have hit along the I44 corridor going through Springfield, Mo. We have had some buildings here, on the higher elevations, wind swept with siding and roofs blown off and several floating Boat docks blown upside down or demolished but it seems this was done by straight line winds.

We seem to get a lot of wind where we live but when I checked into the possibility of using Wind Power to run a electric generator our area is not rated very high but this corner of the state is much higher and windier than the plain areas to our North and East.

* July is the average warmest month.

* The highest recorded temperature was 116°F in 1954.

* On average, the coolest month is January.

* The lowest recorded temperature was -19°F in 1951.

* The maximum average precipitation occurs in November.

I understand it gets quite hot and muggy here in late July and August but we go North to our Ranch in Northern Minnesota usually in mid May and come back down to Branson in late August or early September.

That reminds me of the joke Jim Dandy of the Comedy Jamboree tells when his partner Mike Patrick tells him that San Jose is pronounced San Hosa not San Joosy and the “j” is silent and sounds more like a “h” and then later Jim says he really likes it here in Hune and Holi. Thats harder to spell than to say it verbally.


We do get snow here two or three times during the winter. It can be anywhere from a trace to 4 plus inches. It usually only lasts for a day or so before it melts. What we really are concerned about here is Ice. When the temperature drops below freezing on a rainy day we watch for ice to start building up. One day we came out of church in Hollister and it was raining lightly but I could feel it was freezing on the blacktop parking lot. We were going to do some shopping but I said we better head for home. Before we got out of the city limits we saw cars in the ditch and a mile or so out of town they were upside down in the ditch and that was on a nice new 4 lane with wide shoulders. We went down that highway (65) for about 7 miles going real slow and one trailer truck was off the road facing the wrong direction and at least 10 cars in the ditch and a couple rolled over. Then we go about 7 miles west on (86) highway which is a mountain road that is black top but curvy with hills, dips and narrow with no shoulders and we were down to 10 miles per hour. We only saw a couple cars off the road there but they were really in the rocky ditches. I think everyone slowed down more on the mountain road and were more careful.

We had a really doozer of a Ice Storm a couple winters ago. It started with rain then freezing rain then about 4 inches of sleet with more rain on top and then it snowed. Our power went out right away and we lit the wood burning fireplace and got out the oil lamps. We had a generator which I had only about 10 gallons of gas for so we waited until late evening before we fired it up and turned it off before bed. It was big enough to run the house but not the Electric Heat Pumps or the Kitchen Stove. The house temperature dropped at night when the fire went out but got back up to about 64 during the day.

We cooked on a electric frying pan and the microwave. I directed the generator exhaust at my pickup passenger door and leaned some cardboard up against the truck to try to thaw the ice which was over a half inch on the door and about 6 inches on the windshield and hood.

It took over 2 days to thaw out the truck enough to get in that side and get it running. We had a friend that flew down from Minnesota and got stuck the first night in Memphis TN. because of a canceled flight and in Springfield, Mo. the 2nd night because we couldn’t get up there (50miles) to pick her up. The third day we drove the four wheel drive truck out on top of about 6 inches of frozen slush and we have a steep hill from our private road up onto the County highway but we got her picked up and bought three more 5 gallon cans of gasoline for the generator. There were over 50,000 homes without power in about 10 different co-op power companies and some folks didn’t get power for a month. They had over 32,000 broken power poles to replace. They had to order out for most of the poles and electric cable as soon as the roads were safe to drive on. This was probably the worst ice storm they have had here in about 7 years and I’m not looking forward for the next one. When Ice comes to the Ozarks everyone gets hunkered down asap. and stays there until things clear up. The schools close right away and they send the kids home while they can do it safely because these mountain back roads get really deadly when they get icy. We are having a LP gas heater installed in our master bathroom and a gas fireplace put in the basement tomorrow and that should help keep the bedroom, bath and living space pretty warm along with the wood fireplace in the living room.

The lakes and streams never freeze over here and there is a frost level of 1 inch officially. I can remember a couple years ago when Table Rock Lake was over ten feet low then the next year everything flooded and those that had houses within about 25 feet above normal water level got flooded. The Corp of Army Engineers own this lake and they restrict all development below the flood plane which is about 30-50 feet above normal water level (917′) so no homes were flooded on our lake but homes on the lake above and below were. The lake is about normal now and we have just had quite a bit of rain.

SunsetThis area is quite heavily forested and everyone has trees and shrubs in their yard so there is some problem with pollen during certain times of the year. Air quality is generally very good as there are few air polluting factories or power plants in this area. There are few if any swampy areas along the lakes or streams because of the area being mostly mountain solid rock or fractured rock on the bottom and that keeps the Mosquito and other pesty bugs to a minimum. The cold and fast running water in this area also keeps Coral snakes away.

We love to feed the wild Song Birds. If you would like to learn more about Branson Birds then click this link to learn more.

If you were in the convention business then I would recommend The Branson Convention Center which is at a convenient spot such as the Hilton Hotel and take them up the strip to see all the Entertainment located there. Maybe the vendor of transportation (Greyline) from the airport could make a run up the strip after each flight arrival. I would rather see that than having the convention planners book one or two shows to come to the conventions for a performance as it would spread the wealth better for all the shows and shopping centers. I would like to see the shows offer reduced price packages or largely reduced coupons to either be included in the price of the convention or made available to be purchased at the conventions. This would be a selling point for the conventions and bring revenue to the strip businesses that they wouldn’t get otherwise if the visitors had not come to town for just the convention. Recheck the Entertainment Two page for all Branson Show details. Here are some links to further great Branson Missouri Show information.