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Religion and Christian Life in the Branson Area…

Peace Lutheran Church Hollister, Mo

Religion seems to be a issue no one wants to talk about but Branson is considered to be in the Bible Belt and it is a very popular issue here. We are Lutheran and there are only two Lutheran churches in the area. We go to Peace Lutheran Church in Hollister a suburb of Branson on south east corner and it is a ELCA Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the other one is Faith Lutheran Church a Missouri Synod denomination. There is also some in Springfield. The so called Bible Belt churches in the area are more numerous such as the Baptist and Pentecostal. There are Catholic, Methodist, Apostolic, Non Denominational, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish Synagogues, Episcopal, Presbyterian and off shoots of many of those.


There are also church camps available in the region.

Here we see Sunday Services being held at some theaters and they are called Praise Services and some churches in the area have bought out big Theaters and hold service in them and probably rent them out during the week to other venues.

There are probably churches here of almost any venue or religion you could imagine and visitors are always welcome.

The Church folks are also the local school, medical, law enforcement, entertainers and business people and they have come together to make sure that all Entertainment and Recreation are instilled with good Christian Family ideas and they have a very strong lobby that has blocked gambling and casinos in the area.Piece-Lutheran-Church-Interior

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