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On the Entertainment Two page we have listed the Branson Entertainment shows. These do change quite often so it is always good to check and see if they are still currant. This is a tolerable complete list but more will be added or subtracted as new schedules come out. Branson shows move quite often if they don’t have their own theater. They move when they need a larger or smaller amount of seats. They sometimes move at the start of the spring season if there show is larger or smaller and how they think it will draw. You can see by the long list just how much Entertainment Branson has to offer it’s guests just in the Entertainment field. You will see the shows listed in a blue color and underlined that means that that name is a link to further information. In most cases another page on that show and you will see the theater and phone number to call for Branson show information and tickets.


Your Entertainment two page lists the Branson Shows.

God and Country Theater (8 different shows)
Legends in Concert
Clay Cooper
Silver Dollar City
Hughes Brothers
Showboat Branson Bell
Brett Family
Branson Country USA
Pierce Arrow
Grand Jubilee
Gospel Jubilee
Comedy Jamboree
Ozark Mountain Jubilee
Mickey Gilley
The New Shanghai Circus
Island Fire
Amazing Pets
Buck Trent
Presleys Country Jubilee
12 Irish Tenors
Oak Ridge Boys
Doug Gabriel
The Duttons
Liverpool Legends  
Sons of the Pioneers 
Jim Stafford
Dixie Stampede
Hamner Variety Show 

Several years ago while the Branson Landing and Fountain, The Branson Convention Center and Hilton Hotel were in the planning stages there was a fair amount of concern among the Entertainment Two Show Executives that building all these new attractions so far from the Entertainment strip would cause a shift in the visitor crowd away from their facilities. They were afraid that the new complexes would either build theaters within or without and dilute their business. You see when folks attend a convention they are usually without personal transportation and they have a very busy schedule of events while they are here. The fear being that they would see a couple of shows down on the shores of Lake Taneycomo in the new complexes and never get to the strip.

With that in mind the Show folks campaigned for and elected Karen Best as Mayor. They felt better having someone on top of any future plans that would move to dilute their business and I am glad to say that as far as I know their fears have been for not.

I personally think there is a need to provide good free or inexpensive transportation vie van or trolley up the strip from the Branson Convention Center and Hilton Hotel and this could meet folks coming from the new

Branson Airport at a convenient spot such as the Hilton Hotel and take them up the strip to see all the Entertainment located there. Maybe the vendor of transportation (Greyline) from the airport could make a run up the strip after each flight arrival. I would rather see that than having the convention planners book one or two shows to come to the conventions for a performance as it would spread the wealth better for all the shows and shopping centers. I would like to see the shows offer reduced price packages or largely reduced coupons to either be included in the price of the convention or made available to be purchased at the conventions. This would be a selling point for the conventions and bring revenue to the strip businesses that they wouldn’t get otherwise if the visitors had not come to town for just the convention. Recheck the Entertainment Two page for all Branson Show details. Here are some links to further great Branson Missouri Show information.

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