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The About Branson page is filled with our comments about our favorite town and in many respects it is much like most other cities. In Branson the old is the Baldknobbers, Presleys and Silver Dollar City and the new is Branson Landing & the Convention Center, The Titanic and the new Branson Airport. As a rule it is the older folks that appreciate the old and the younger folks that grab onto the new.

A couple of things I think all residents appreciate is the fact that there is no Gambling or Adult only Entertainment. I read a blog post by some young hip wipper snapper that was saying they had taken a trip to Branson and was never so bored in their life. They said it was like a bunch of old fogies stumbling around in the fog. They found nothing hip or far out here to remind them of home. The holey or patched overalls you see here did not come from the store that-a-way and they aren’t hanging at half mast with butts hanging out for all to see. I know, I know it is just a fad and we had ours too when we were their ages. In fact you can go to the 50’s at the Hop Show and see the way we lived back then,

I guess I must be one of the old fogies because I like it the way it is and maybe those hip folks would like it better in Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, New York or Atlanta where most of our folks that like it here came from.

If you ever have any yai or nai comments please drop me a line by using out Contact Us Form and let me know what is on your mind. I appreciate your comments and maybe you can contribute something that I think others would be interested in.

Some About Branson folks that decided that they wanted to do something to preserve the Ozark Mountain Country formed a group called Ozark Mountain Country Legacy Initiative and have been hold some meetings. Jory Rolf leader of the group mentioned to Branson Honorable Mayer Reanne Presley (no longer Branson Mayor) at one of their meetings and they commented that they didn’t realize that so many folks had such feelings because they had over 200 in attendance. A comment at the meeting was made that “We live in one of the greatest places on earth and we have to be great stewards of the greater gift that has been given to us here in the Ozark Mountain Country”. They asked a question what was living in the Ozark Mountain Country really all about Branson. The answer that mostly came up was that it was really a Lifestyle and they want to see the family-friendly Christian environment being maintained and it’s all about Branson. They plan to branch out and attend other about Branson group meetings and give input wherever it was warranted.

I have published a history all about Branson and the Ozark Mountain Country report and when you sign up for a free download you will also be added to out newsletter mailing list. With that in mind I will not be getting into too much about the past here in this article.

Branson itself is really a very small community of only about 10,000 and you wonder how that little town can host about 8,000,000 folks a year. Branson has several small villages or towns that are like suburbs. To the South West is Kimberling City and the North West is Branson West. To the North East is Forsyth and the South East is Hollister. I guess I better mention my town of Blue Eye which is South of Table Rock lake and where the Missouri/Arkansas state lines go right across main street. These towns really are like one city built around the lake where the surrounding villages have some of their own businesses and act as a bedroom community for the Branson Business District. Several surrounding villages have their own grade schools and some have high schools or bus their youngsters to the Branson School District. Check the Education topic for more on the schools.

In the Employment topic we talk about Branson and how all the seasonable enterprises get the help they need and how others find full time employment. There are lots of retired folks here and many of them have jobs or work from home like myself and have other fixed incomes. Younger families have to really work hard at finding and keeping full time employment here in order to be able to live in this great environment and have this lifestyle. Many drive some distance away to find work and continue to live here. One thing that has been a godsend to those folks if they are non professional or not entertainers they can usually find construction work here because there never seems to be an end to that and they can do it year around here not just in the summer like up in MN. or MT.

One thing I see on the slide here is folks being able to sell their craftsmanship items here. There are about a half dozen craft malls here but they aren’t too busy these days because people just don’t seem to be interested in the hand made items like they used to be. I guess they like to buy the foreign stuff they have to replace more often and contribute to our lopsided balance of trade figures.

Everyone just gets so excited here in the spring just thinking about all the Entertainment businesses opening up and all the lakes and rivers start to really product great fishing and boating. We really like to see all the beautiful wild flowers and trees in the area. The Red Buds are in full broom now and the Dogwood are just coming out and the Bradford Pear trees are blooming everywhere.

Whenever someone is planning a trip to Branson the first question that comes out of their mouth is

“Whats the Branson, Missouri Weather like?”

We wish you could all be here to enjoy it with us so-Ya-al Come Now!

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