Patsy Cline Remembered By CJ Newsom Is Country Music At It’s Best

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CJ Newsom as Patsy Cline

CJ Newsom  does “Patsy Cline and Friends” like nobody else can even begin to. She told me her mother tutored and home schooled her in singing and showed her how to act while singing and how to breath and she took off like a storm. She was self taught and had no professional singing lessons. She started singing at age 3 and as her parents traveled the country she sang at fairs and often sang at churches and did the Webster County Opry in Missouri. After she toured the Grand Old Opry in Nashville she said to herself that I want to sing right here where Patsy Cline was so popular. She loved Patsy and soon was trying to copy her way of singing and presenting herself.

This young Lady has now been performing at different venus and shows for 12 years in Branson. When Marilyn and I went to the show recently she treated us just like visiting dignitaries. After the show we visited with her and Terry Sanders the comedian and also Mr. Rick Thomas and his wife. Rick has his own magic show in town.


Patcy Cline (CJ Newsom) Gives Great Honor To The Veterans In The Croud

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Veteran Appreciation Number

Well we enjoyed the great show a few days ago called “Patsy Cline and Friends”. We saw her perform as Patsy Cline once a couple years ago and she performed at our church (Piece Lutheran Church of Hollister) last year. Every winter about Feb. and Mar. our church has a talent night once a month so newer talents can get a chance to perform before a live audience and get some practice and maybe even get hired to a Gig.

CJ is only 5’1″ tall but cute as a bugs ear and can she sing. She starts off the show with Patsy Clines first hit song “Walking After Midnight”  and puts them in order that they became hits. She has a 5 piece live stage band and one of the members is a dear friend of ours Jim Goldapp. Jim plays the synthesizer and woodwind instruments in the band and you can see pictures of Jim on this page. Jim is also our music director and organist at our church and Marilyn and I sing in the choir and Jim is our director.

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CJ and Terry Sanders as Joan Rivers

Well back to the show. This season it is at the Americana Theater (picture below) and she has one of the best comedians in Branson working with her on the show. His name is Terry Sanders. Terry is so funny he just cracks up the house. One of his greatest characters is when he gets all fixed up looking just like Joan Rivers and he plays the part beautifully. His picture is here with Marilyn and I. Terry is a workaholic as he has a day job at Silver Dollar where he roams the Theme Park as different characters. One is a old doctor with holes in his suit and old instruments hanging around his neck. Another character he plays is Mark Twain and struts around the grounds in his gleaming white suit with a tall hat and cane. He also works at several shows when he is not at Silver Dollar City and he does the “Patsy Cline and Friends” show three days a week. He is also hired to perform on the Branson Travel Channel TV programs. Well lets get back to CJ as Patsy Cline.

CJ Newsom also has guests on her show from time to time as just a few weeks ago she had “Lu Lu” there and we remember her from the “Hee Haw show”.

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CJ in White Gown

She has studied Patsy Cline for so long she sounds just like her. Patsy Cline is well known as our Country Sweet Heart and CJ Newsom is just like her. This gal has paid her dues so to speak by studying, practicing and performing every chance she got and now she is really off to be a grand  world performer.

If you don’t really remember very much about Patsy Cline I have put together a little BIO about her short life as a world class singer. You can check out the BIO at this link. 

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Marilyn and I with Terry Sanders as Joan Rivers
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Jim Goldapp playing the woodwind


P.S. Here is a picture of our Friend Jim Goldapp playing his clarinet in the band and if you click on this link you will see CJ and Terry as Homer Lee doing a promo in the lobby and they mention Jim. I believe somewhere above I also told you he is our Music director at church (Piece Lutheran Church of Hollister) and he is our choir director.

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The Americana Theater