Lodging Reservations and Show Ticket Sales

Tourists beware of rip offs and scam sellers.

Titanic Museum
Titanic Museum

This website has been bringing you news and reports about Branson, Missouri since 2009 and up until now has carefully avoided this mine field. We now offer this information after doing extensive research into the reservation and show ticket sales business.

I now feel that it is now my duty to try and inform you of the best way to make your next visit to Branson not only a fun and good memory vacation but also to try to help you make your Branson stay as economical and staying within your budget.

If you have been to Branson before you probably noticed that there are ticket sales everywhere and almost on every corner. If I was on the City Council I would try to put a stop to them. Many of them are abusive in disturbing you when you are not interested in doing business with them. They are trained to spot tourists on sight and they will make every effort to attract you to listen to their spiel. There are several ticket business that also post signs saying “Official Welcome Centers” and most of them are counterfeit and here today and gone tomorrow store fronts.

I am not saying that they will not sell you scam tickets that when you get to the show they will not recognize your ticket as being genuine. What I am saying is they post sales gimmicks like signs saying tickets 2 shows for 1 price etc. Sure they probably have two shows that they will give you in exchange for one inflated price and they are probably poor quality shows that most folks don’t come to town to see on a regular basis.

Branson ticket offices all deal individually with shows to buy tickets at below normal price they may buy them in bulk or with poor seating availability. After all this is the way they make money.

True you may save a few dollars below show box office purchases but is you use coupons or make show reservations with a reputable sales office you can save even more and with no chance of being told when you check in at the show box office that they have no record of your ticket sales but they would be glad to sell you tickets at full price and be seated in far less favorable seats as after all it is at the last minute.

We have done much research on this topic and have finally felt positive enough about one company to support and to give you our recommendation. This statement is direct from their website.

 We have sold over 4,500,000 Branson show and attraction tickets”  I will here add a statement from their sales office that I think you can feel good about.

“Branson Tourism Center provides tickets to Branson shows and attractionshotels and lodgingdiscount vacation packagesgas discounts, and more! As Branson’s largest ticket seller, we buy tickets at special prices. That means we can provide Concierge service – including terrific perks -I  without charging more than going direct. We never mark-up box office prices or charge a service fee – ever. And, we can bundle shows, attractions, and lodging to provide discounts you cannot get anywhere else! With Branson Tourism Center, you don’t pay more, you just get more. Please give us a call, or read more about us.”

We at http://www.bransonozarkmountaincountry.com also get a small commission when you make your plans through this fine company but as I said prior you always get your accommodations with no added fees. You always get rock bottom prices and the best service with this firm and don’t be afraid to ask about gas coupons if you travel by your private vehicle.

We have one other thing to warn you about and that is the giving away free or reduced priced tickets with your agreement to go and take in a sales pitch for some time share company. That is ok if you are interested in buying a time share and if you are, we fell for the same sales pitch, and are now willing to give away a one bedroom point system time share at the beautiful French Quarter Resort and all you have to pay is the transfer of the title. Just click on the contact us page and let us know of your interest.

So, with all that said whenever you are planning your next trip to Branson be sure to click on one of the links and you will be taken to one of the best accommodation companies in town.

Come Enjoy Branson With Us,
Donald Raether